Baba Yaga a very popular and intriguing figure in Slavic mythology, translated her name roughly means elderly woman or grandmother but don’t let this fool you as tales of Baba Yaga have terrified children for years at first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking Baba Yaga was an ordinary witch, she does not ride a broomstick nor does she wear a pointed black hat.
She’s often depicted as a small elderly woman with a large distorted nose and long iron teeth. Her clothes are often rags and very unclean. Baba Yaga can fly using her giant pestle and mortar with her broom made a silver barge to sweep away any trail she may have left behind. Some say at Baba Yaga is the devil’s grandmother implying that at some time she may have had children of her own in most variations of the tale she lives on the edge of the forest in a wooden hut, however this is no ordinary house as it is supported by two giant chicken legs and can uproot and move whenever needed.

Baba Yaga of Slavic Folklore

It has no windows and often the door can only be revealed once it is told a magical phrase turn your back to the forest your front to me the picket fence around in the house is made from human bones with skulls on top to warn off anyone who may dare to enter. It has been rumored that Baba Yaga only eats children. However she has been known to eat strangers who have been unlucky enough to become lost in her forest despite her appearance and demeanor.

Baba Yaga Tales

Baba Yaga is not considered entirely evil there are stories where she kidnaps misleads and even eats children but there are also stories where characters have been known to seek out Baba Yaga for her knowledge and guidance, seeking out Baba Yaga is often portrayed as a dangerous act as she will ask visitors if they came on their own accord or if somebody else sent them however there is only one correct answer some people believe for every question, Baba Yaga is asked she ages one year which could explain her reluctance to help. However this process can be reversed with a potion she makes from blue roses.

Baba Yaga Flying

Some people believe that Baba Yaga can’t control the weather. It is said you can tell when she is near because the wind whistles and the trees howl. Baba Yaga also has many servants that do her bidding the most well-known of these being the three horsemen whether you believe Baba Yaga is an evil hag who feeds on children or a wise old crone the story is one that will continue to intrigue and terrify as always.

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