Heimdall – Guardian of Asgard (Norse Mythology)

The Norse God hame thou has recently grown in popularity mostly due to his role in the Marvel Thor movies, but who is Haim thou and what is his story? Heimdall was known as the ever vigilant guardian of Asgard he watched over as God from the hemming bjorg otherwise known as the sky cliffs which sit upon the Bifrost.

Heimdall The Gatekeeper of Asgard

Heimdall The Gatekeeper of Asgard

The Rainbow Bridge leading into Asgard Heimdall possessed eagle like a vision being able to see for hundreds of miles in day on nights. His hearing was so acute that he could even hear blades of grass growing. Heimdall watches and listens with his horn ready to sound if intruders approach Asgard there are suggestions from verses in Old Norse poetry that him thou was once the father of humankind and that he may have even established the structure and hierarchy in the North Society in many North tales men often referred to as sons of ham though like many of the North Scots aimed al is a son of Odin. The case of him those mother is a peculiar one as he was born from 9 of them all of them sisters.

HeimDall’s job was at lonely in solitary one because he was so driven to perform his duty and protect the people of Asgard. He didn’t seem to have much of a connection with the other gods one of him there was more notice relationships was of that of frail the goddess of love when Loki stole Freya’s prized pendin came down left his post and took the form of a seal in order to face Loki and recover Freya’s pendant when the Ragnarok had come the gods knew that their doom was at hand.

Haim dall
They heard the dire call of heimdall horn signaling that the Giants had crossed a Rainbow Bridge and were ready to enter Asgard amongst the Giants was loki hame thou had always despised Loki. Loki would regularly leave as God without informing him down as the Watchmen of Asgard hame they’ll demand that Loki would be prevented from leaving and returning whenever he chose only Odin was to come and go in secret confirming his suspicions of Loki were correct aim they’ll relish the chance to slay his nemesis as the world around them burned and began to sink into the sea hame thou and Loki equally matched slay each other. If you’ve enjoyed this article and learn something new then please go ahead and share with your friends and family members.

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