Azathoth – The Deity In The Cthulhu Mythology

Ancient legends of ultimate chaos at whose center sprawls the blind idiot God as a Thoth lord of all things encircled by his flopping horde of – amorphous dancers and lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a demonic flute in nameless paws the nuclear chaos the demon Sultan the deep dark the blind idiot God Lacrosse first mention of Azeroth was in a note to himself that he wrote in 1919 the note simply reads as a thought hideous name the name would then appear again this time in a note that Lovecraft wrote referring to a story a terrible pilgrimage to seek the knighted throne of the far demon Sultan as a Thoth like many of the deities that appear in the Cthulhu Mythos they have a number of appearances that are fairly difficult to define the none are as difficult as that of azor Thoth it is everything in anything that someone could envision and everyone envisions its image differently the image is forever changing and forever evolving it is a crate of the universe and all things inside the omnipotent God the Creator and supreme ruler of the outer God’s and the great old ones.

It is immortal and invincible and cannot be destroyed because the concept of destruction only exists in streams we cannot then truly understand how powerful as I thought really is because concepts of speed and strength and other ways we use to measure power once again only exists in Azeroth of streams there is a belief that it uses the form of its son Niall Arthur tip has an avatar but that is something we’ll cover in a separate article in the entirety of the Cthulhu Mythos there is no doubt that as a Thoth is the most powerful of all of the deities it should then come as no surprise that it went on to feature in several of Lovecraft stories with the most notable being the dream quest of unknown Kadath it is often described as the center of the universe the unknowing creator of our reality we are nothing more than a figment of as athos imagination when it does eventually awaken from its slumber our reality will cease to exist our planet and everything we’ve come to know fade into nothing and the only thing left will be the blind idiot God when we talk about cosmic horror I think as our thought is a great example of what it truly means the existence of an elliptic being that we cannot truly understand a being that our existence solely depends on the idea that the reality that we think we have created can be taken from us at time and we’re helpless to do anything about it.

Azathoth - The Deity In The Cthulhu Mythology

Azathoth – The Deity In The Cthulhu Mythology

This entire notion has inspired a host of writers and I think one of the best examples of this is in Lord Antony’s the gods of pagana where he created the state he named to money huge Suchet which is almost Stephanie inspired by a zetha and dance in his interpretation money you’ll sue she sleeps eternally he’s soothing kept in his slumber by lesser deity who beats a drum forever for if he cease for an instant than money you’d sue Shia will start to awake and there will be no worlds no gods no more listen itself is a very clear reference to the work of Lovecraft as there are interpretations of as a Thoth where is described as a mess of nuclear chaos that can be found outside of the universe here at his constantly attended to by a group of alien servants who shower it with sounds of pipes and drums ensuring and as a thought remains in its slumber completely unaware and blind to the fact of the universe that we and many other beings call home is nothing more than a figment of its imagination what I personally find most interesting about as a Thoth is that it is essentially this enormous mindless being there’s unaware of everything and yet it is so powerful that it can shape and form realities just by dreaming it does make you wonder what if as a thought wasn’t – what exactly would it be capable of if it was conscious as of all of the Cthulhu Mythos there are so many interpretations of as a Thoth that you can literally believe anything you like and the chances are your version of Canon would be quite similar to someone else’s to me personally the notion of as a thought that’s quite a terrifying one to think about not because I’m scared of its appearance or its motives but because the concept of our universe being a dream that can end at any time is quite thought-provoking it’s quite similar to why the matrix became so popular there is no way for us to have a 100% discredit this theory so it leads to wild conspiracies in a ton of interesting discussion so feel free to share any thoughts stories or interpretations that you find interesting with me in the comments below.

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