25 Wonderful Godmother Quotes From Godchild

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Best Godmother Quotes From Godchild

A Godchild Fills Your

A Godchild Fills Your Heart With Love And Joy As If They Were Your Very Own

A Godmother Always Has
A Godmother Always Has Love To Give & Time To Spare A Godmother Is Always There.

To My Godchild I'll
To My Godchild I’ll Take Your Little Hand, And Hold It As You Grow, I’ll Teach You Of His Love, And All That Love Bestows.

Godmother A Special Gift
Godmother A Special Gift To A Child… One Who Provides The Strength Of Family And The Comfort Of Friendship As Time Goes By.

Julie Anna No One
Julie Anna No One Else Will Ever Know The Strength Of My Love For You After All, You Are The Only One Who Knows What My Heart Sounds Like From The Inside.

To My Godmother Samantha
To My Godmother Samantha I’m Glad You Are My Godmother. Someone To Hold My Hand A Friend If I Should Need One Who Will Love And Understand.

Godchild I Promise To
Godchild I Promise To Help You To Lead You To Encourage You To Care For You To Love You.

Kristina Godmother To Maya
Kristina Godmother To Maya Elizabeth Guide Mentor Loving Thoughtful Trust Encourage.

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