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25 Best Alcohol Quotes

The Amount Of Alcohol

The Amount Of Alcohol I Would Need To Sleep With You Would Actually Kill Me

Everyone Wants To Hear
Everyone Wants To Hear Every Detail About Your Recent Break Up. – Rum

My Girlfriend Told Me
My Girlfriend Told Me To Go Out And Get Something That Makes Her Look Sexy.. So I Got Drunk.

This Vodka Tastes Like
This Vodka Tastes Like I’ll Be Texting You Later.

Not To Get Technical
Not To Get Technical.. But According To Chemistry Alcohol Is A Solution.

Alcoholism Is A Well
Alcoholism Is A Well Documented Pathological Reaction To Unresolved Grief. – David Cook

Stop Drinking Daddy
Stop Drinking Daddy Alcohol Can Split You From Friends And Family A Matter Of Weeks

Drink Because You Are
Drink Because You Are Happy But Never Because You Are Miserable.

Herb Is The Healing
Herb Is The Healing Of A Nation, Alcohol Is The Destruction.

Alcohol Is Not The
Alcohol Is Not The Answer To All Questions.

If I Drink Alcohol
If I Drink Alcohol I Am Alcoholic But If I Drink Fanta Does That Make Me Fantastic?

A Banana Is 105
A Banana Is 105 Calories A Shot Of Whisky Is 80 Calories Choose Wisely

Prayer Alcohol Keep Sharing
Prayer Alcohol Keep Sharing

If You Can't Be
If You Can’t Be Happy At Least You Can Be Drunk.

Money Can't Buy You
Money Can’t Buy You Happiness But It Can Buy You Alcohol.

Alcohol Temporary Fun With
Alcohol Temporary Fun With Permanent Consequences

Alcohol Not Only Helps
Alcohol Not Only Helps To Make New Acquaintances, But Also End The Old Once.

Alcohol Gives You Infinite
Alcohol Gives You Infinite Patience For Stupidity.

Alcohol Is A Perfect
Alcohol Is A Perfect Solvent: It Dissolves Marriages, Families And Careers.

Smoking Is Harmful Drinking
Smoking Is Harmful Drinking Is Disgusting And To Die Young Is A Pity.

Alcohol Won't Solve Your
Alcohol Won’t Solve Your Problems. Then Again Neither Will Milk.

Don't Forget That Alcohol
Don’t Forget That Alcohol Helps To Remove The Stress, The Bra, The Panties, And Many Other Problems.

Hakuna Ma'Vodka It
Hakuna Ma’Vodka It Means No Memories For The Rest Of Your Night

Alcohol Because No Great
Alcohol Because No Great Story Ever Started With Someone Eating A Salad

Alcohol Kills Slowly So
Alcohol Kills Slowly So What? Who Is In A Hurry?

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