Yog-Sothoth – Cosmic Entity In The Cthulhu Mythology

From across the Black Seas of infinity and beyond the mists of time yog-sothoth watches always waiting for he is the guardian between worlds and he alone holds the key to unlock the gate for when the ancient rites have been spoken and the lords of Darkness have awoken only then shall the gate between the stars once more be open yog-sothoth is an enormous cosmic entity with power that we as humans cannot comprehend power that may even rival the great creator of all as a thought in terms of overall size yog-sothoth has undoubtedly one of the biggest entities an entirety of the mythos dwarf Innova Cthulhu in the same way that he would dwarf over humanity he is an all-knowing all-seeing an all-powerful being that can be found just outside of the universe he watches all from the outside and nothing can be hidden from him he is the embodiment of time and space and spans across an infinite number of universes he and the multiverse are one your cthis said to be immortal and invulnerable and being able to see all means he possesses a level of intelligence that we cannot imagine he does however share this forbidden knowledge with those that summon him but before the deity can be summoned a human life must be sacrificed and unspeakable acts must be committed for such knowledge always comes with a price born from the name of Smith’s the much like the other outer God’s his true form is inconceivable to humanity and so he’s often described in a variety of different ways depending on the story the most common manifestation of yokes are Thoth is as an enormous mass of growing orbs that are continuously merging these orbs eventually grow so big that they break apart from each other and then repeat the process of growing emergent in a continuous loop there are also some descriptions of numerous eyes and flailing tendrils this particular depiction I personally think is quite fitting as time-space and a universe is in constant flux always moving and always changing so having this represented in York seselis appearance really does highlight this aspect of his character.

Yog-Sothoth - Cosmic Entity In The Cthulhu Mythology

Yog-Sothoth – Cosmic Entity In The Cthulhu Mythology

Now as you can imagine it’s pretty difficult to picture a deity that has been described to you as being everywhere in everything which is why York’s with off much like Nyarlathotep has several avatars which provide numerous aliases and nicknames ranging from the lurker at the threshold and the beyond one to the key in the gate and the opener of the way the name York’s Arthas first mentioned in La Crosse the case of Charles text award which was written in 1927 and then published in 1941 we don’t actually get to meet York’s is off here but his name is mentioned as part of an incantation Lovecraft will then go on to mention York’s us often several other stories with the most noticeable being the Dunwich horror in this story Joxer Thoth is a father of Wilbur Whateley a hideous looking young boy who Metchosin ages abnormally quick because of his strange appearance Wilbur his family had been shown from society but his grandfather than in doctorates him into the study of witchcraft and dark rituals were burned his grandfather soon become aware of invisible entity that lives on their farm this entity continuously grows until it reaches the size of the entire farmhouse Wilbur’s grandfather does died and his mother disappears leaving him as the only person left to look after this entity but Wilbur himself has his own plan as he wishes to summon the great old ones but his family’s copy of the Necronomicon is missing the required pages he then breaks into the local university to find these missing pages but he’s unfortunately killed by a guard dog he’s called strangely enough just melts leaving no evidence of his death with no one left to look after this invisible entity the Whateley farmhouse explodes and the monster run pages for Dunwich killing numerous families and policemen with help from professors from the local university a spell is cast and with the use of magic powder the entities finally revealed the monster that makes it known that its twin brother was Wilbur but werewolves are resembled a human his brother much closer resembled their father the orcs are thought the spell that was cast would eventually destroy this entity leaving the small town of Dunwich to recover from the terrors that they had just witnessed the Dunwich horror is one of my favorite pieces of Lovecraft’s work and it’s a story that I may actually do a reading on for you guys in a future article.

I may even discuss the life of warble widely in some greater detail Yog-Sothoth became a deity used in many of Lovecraft stories and the works of many other influential writers with August Derleth being one of the most noticeable Lovecraft himself never really used the term that Cthulhu Mythos and many saw photos works as the Aqsa Thoth mythos or York saw three for anyone looking to get into the works of Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos or just learn about yokes Asaf in general the Dunwich horror is definitely a great introduction and one that I would recommend if you have any stories featuring new yorks of thought that you feel like a worthy of mention or you just like to discuss a date in general then let me know in the comments below.

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