Top 10 Best Anniversary Poems For Her (WIFE)

Top 10 Best Anniversary Poems For Her. Today We Made A Beautiful Collection Of Anniversary Poems For Your Wife or Girlfriend. I’m Sure These Poems Will Definitely Help You To Impress Her. Share These Beautiful Poems With Your Partner and Express Your Love. Also Read Top 10 Happy Anniversary Poems For Him (Husband) and Love Memes For Her.

Top 10 Best Anniversary Poems For Her

On this very special day,
I’m sending kisses on your way,
wrapped in love, warmth and bliss,
to reach your heart, eyes and lips.

I’ve an eternity in my mind,
to celebrate days of this kind,
’cause you can awaken my soul,
and make me happy and whole.

Happy Anniversary my love!

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My loving, dearest wife,
you bring sunshine into my life.

You attracted me with a force like gravity,
and out went all my pride and vanity.

All I wanted was to make you mine,
and I knew without you, I won’t be fine.

Today, here we are, happily married,
fears and worries, forever buried.

Thank you for being with me through the years,
sharing all my smiles and tears!

Happy Anniversary!

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Decade after decade,
our love would grow, not fade.
’cause our love is eternal,
physical and spiritual.

On a blessed day like this,
I would seal your lips,
with a kiss full of love,
made only in the heaven above!

Happy Anniversary my sweetheart!

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Time stands still,
and forever it will,
when I’m with you,
loving everything you do.

But as we’ve reached today my love,
Time does seem to move,
cause this is another anniversary,
to celebrate and be happy!

Happy anniversary!

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On our anniversary, I’m wishing upon a star,
twinkling in the sky, so far.
May our love always grow,
everyday, more and more.
May our marriage last forever,
and depart we may never.
May happiness come all day and night,
and may our lives be full of light.

Happy anniversary!

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If I could go back in time today,
Way before we met,
I’d search and find you right away,
To form our loving duet.

Far, far back, I’d go for you,
To marry you much sooner;
We’d tie the knot, and you would be
My amorous honeymooner.

I love our anniversary now;
I’m happier every year;
I just wish there’d been more time
For me to love you, Dear!

-Joanna Fuchs

No other love story
could compare
to the love story
that you and I are so lucky to share.

(Years) ago today
we finally said, “I do”
And that’s when all of
our wildest dreams came true.

Happy Anniversary!
I love you!

Just to say I love you
never seems enough.
I’ve said it so many times
I am afraid you won’t understand
what I mean when I say it.
How can so much feeling,
so much adoration fit into
those three little words.
But until I find some other
way of saying what I feel,
then “I love you” will have to do.
So no matter how many times I say it,
never take it lightly, for you are my life,
and my only love.
I love you now more
than ever before.
Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary

Have I told you yet
how much you mean to me?
Have I told you yet
about all the happiness you bring?
Have I told you yet
that you mean the world to me?
Just in case I haven’t
I want you to know that
you’re the best thing
that’s ever happened to me.
Happy Anniversary!


As long as you love me
I’ll stay by your side.
I’ll be your companion,
Your friend, and your guide.

As long as you love me,
as long as you care,
I’ll be do anything for you.
I’ll go anywhere.

I’ll bring you the sunshine.
I’ll comfort your fears.
I’ll gather up rainbows
To chase all your tears.

As long as forever
My love will be true
For as long as you love me,
I’ll only love you.

Happy Anniversary

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