Thor: The God of Thunder From Norse Mythology

There are many deities that appear in Norse mythology that bar and his father Odin there are none as recognizable as Thor god of thunder now in recent years with the rising popularity of Marvel comics and movies Thor is a character that has become a household name if I ask someone to describe him to me it’s very likely that they would say Thor as a calm braid blond well-mannered hero but this at times couldn’t be any further from the truth the depictions of Thor that we see in the Marvel Universe are somewhat borrowed from classic Norse and Germanic folklore but of course changes had to be made because at times Thor was indeed no hero that is unless your idea of a hero is an angry ginger man who pummeled and smashes anything that annoys him with his hammer so I guess we can start with Thor’s physical depiction throughout Germanic and Norse folklore Thoris described her extremely muscular physically the strongest of all of the Norse deities his beard and hair were in fact red which were reflections of his fiery temper there are however a few poems that mentioned Thor’s hair being fairer than gold which of course led many to believe that his hair was in fact blond but often the term fair in Norse did not mean lighting color but instead refer to something that was beautiful so these poems could either refer to thought hair being blonde or they could just be an observation of how magnificent Thor’s hair actually was Thor’s name originated from a variety of words meaning thunder Doudna in all German and fauna in old Saxon his name was also associated with the day of the week Thursday when the Germanic people adopted a calendar system cemented a Roman calendar they replaced the names of the Roman gods of their own the day of Jupiter who was of course regarded as the god of the sky and thunder soon became towards dag meaning Thor’s day which is where the modern English for Thursday comes from throughout.

The recorded history of the Germanic people Thor was always a heavily mentioned and predominant deity but it wasn’t until the Viking Age that Thor reached his height in popularity amongst a scandinavian people who valued and admired the courage strength and brute force that Thor regularly displayed Thor was seen as a God who was most commonly associated of thunder strength and power the oak tree and of course war now I’m sure many of you already know that those father is of Odin but he’s motherf uragan or euro and she’ll sometimes referred to is quite an obscure figure she’s never really mentioned in too much detail and nearly things that we know is that she was one of the owner and possibly a personification of the earth with Thor’s mother B in one of the owner or the Giants to some of you and Odin B in half yatin that will of course make a god of thunder 3/4 yotan which is quite ironic considering that Thor despised the yoke nur and the feelings are more and mutual as Thor was considered the greatest Slayer of all of the opener continuously protecting as God from their attempts of invasion and sabotage we mentioned earlier that Thor was the strongest and the mightiest of all of the Norse deities but how exactly was he so strong and why was he feared by so many the majority of Thor’s power can be attributed to three main objects the first of which being a belt that he wears meagan yard with Megan meaning strength or power and yard meaning belt it literally translates to mean a belt of power the second object is a pair of iron gloves known as young grip here mean an iron gauntlets oin grip which we can assume makes Thor almost unstoppable in hand-to-hand combat the final object is one that I’m sure many of you’ll be familiar with Thor’s hammer Mjolnir the word my own ears sort of derived from the germanic word mala nun meaning to grind earned in the hammer the nicknames the grinder or the crusher which is exactly what you would expect Thor used the hammer for the hammer itself was created by the two dwarf and brothers broke here and Sindri but the only reason it was made in the first place was down to Loki Loki being he’s Misha for self decided that one day he would cut off the hair of the goddess if Thor’s wife as you can imagine when our short tempered in German found out what had happened he threatened to smash Loki into pieces Thor however was eventually calmed down by Loki when he promised to travel as far tell him and how the dwarves make safe a new-and-improved head of hair whilst he was in Sparta lyin Loki challenger brothers Brook Ian Cindy to create objects final and those already made by the sons of Ivaldi.


The brothers accepted Loki’s challenge and set to work but Loki transformed himself into a wasp in his attempt to disrupt them he did eventually sting one of the brothers in the eye and that is one of the reasons given to Thor’s hammer having a short handle when Loki returned with SIF new head of hair in order to appease the early furious Thor he gave him Mjolnir and a god of thunder took a liking to this hammer me only could never be broken no matter how hard Thor shocked with the hammer and when it was thrown it would never miss its target always returning to Thor’s hand along with all of these powerful objects Thor also owned a pair of goats tongue grease near the teeth Bearer and tongue your steer the teeth grinder these goats serve thought well not only because they pulled his chariot but because he would often slay and eat the goats of sustenance only to resurrect in the next morning with his hammer there is a story where Thor once visited the home of some peasant farmers while on his travels he shared his goats meat of them and one of the young children broke one of the bones and sucked out the marrow when the gods were resurrected the next morning Thor noticed one of them was lame and when he realized the child was to blame he was furious the peasants beg the God for forgiveness and Thor did eventually decide that he would not kill the child but instead take both of their children as his servants there were several gods and beings that could be seen as a children of Thor the most recognizable being Modi and Magni whose names meant brave and great these children however did not belong to his wife’s if but rather the yotan young Saxon if the God Allah was not the son of Thor but he became somewhat adopted as he was a son of SIF and an unnamed man the two mortal children taken from the peasants may have been seen as servants but they were also adopted children raised by Thor and his wife lastly was believed that Thorin SIF may have had one daughter named thrud whose name was thought to mean confident and strong traits that once again embodied her father over the years Thor had many encounters of the Ahtna one of the most famous being a tale of whom Nia who was regarded the mightiest of all of his kind one day while traveling Odin came across from Nia and challenged him to a race back to Asgard arrey said that all father one but Odin being a graceful victor invited hoon into stayin as God and enjoy his hospitality the more drunk Runa became the more he boasted about how he was greater than all of the gods even telling Thor’s wife that he wished to take her back to Jotunheim the gods eventually grew tired of his behavior but as a guest of odin they allowed him to continue that is until Thor appeared who came very close to smashing the yurt into pieces but Thor not wanting to kill an unarmed man instead accepted a doll from Caronia once on the battlefield whom there were enormous stone armor but even this was not enough to protect him a sloth swung his hammer so hard against through his head that it shattered into pieces a piece of this stone lodged itself in Thor’s face where would remain until Ragnarok.

There is another variation of this story with a giant fell on top of Thor after being hit by me owner thoroughness of the gods attempted to lift from his body but despite their best efforts they were unable to do so that is until thoughts on Magni came to his father’s aid lifting the giant easily despite only being three days old another story that involves a yota but as for Thor dressing up as a woman is a story known as a theft of Thor’s hammer one day Thor awoke and realized that his trusty hammer was not by his side immediately assuming that this must have been the work of a trickster he confronted Loki on this occasion Loki was not the culprit and wanted to help Thor so he obtained the feather of freya granting him flight and allowing him to travel to Jotunheim when he arrived he spoke to the yotan King through him who confessed that he had stolen the hammer and that he would only trade the hammer for Freya’s hand in marriage upon returning to as God both Thor and Loki asked freya for her assistance but she refused to go anywhere near Jotunheim with me on her mission the gods feared that the audience could attack at any time and held a meeting to discuss how they would retrieve the hammer the god heimdallr jester that Thor dressed as a woman to disguise himself as Freya of course at first Thoreau ejected this notion for he was the mighty God of Thunder with every other option being exhausted Thor eventually agreed and with Loki dressed as his handmaiden the to journey to Jotunheim when the Odin king saw thorne his wedding dress he was eager to proceed of the marriage ceremony and so the feast began Thor was so hungry that he ate an entire ox half a dozen fish and an entire cake the other king was impressed by his new Brides appetites but also confused Loki and his guy who explained the situation by claiming that she had fasted for an entire week before the wedding once Loki and Thor paid the customary bridal fee filum kept his end of the bargain and gave his hammer to his new bride Thor unable to resist removed his disguise took his hammer and destroyed everything and everyone that he could get his hands on the owner may be faced enemies of Thor but there is one enemy that Thor despised like no other the enormous serpent Yurman gand one of Loki’s many children the two hated each other so much.

So they were destined to take each other’s lives come Ragnarok the hatred between the two began during the story of hood god Loki during this story Thor perform several deeds the first of which been to lift the Kings cat off the ground Thor eventually fells this task but at god Loki reveals that the cat was actually human and Thor not taken too kindly to losing resented of God Loki as well as the world serpent Thorin human gang would meet one more time before Ragnarok this time Thor was out fishing with the Jotunheim ear however what they caught was no fish it was indeed a yeoman gand seen the world serpent once again face to face only angered Thor and a battle between the two began a battle at Thor looked like he would emerge victorious from him a however had a different idea scared by how close the boat was to tipping over he cut the fish in line and returned the serpent to the bottom of the ocean Thor so incensed by him his actions allowing uum again to escape then in some accounts he swung his hammer so hard the yotan flew overboard and was left to drown this however wasn’t the last meeting between the two come ragnerok the two faced each other once again in their final battle this time Thor managed to slay the serpent but the wounds he sustained would eventually lead to the goal of thunder also dying his hamon would then be passed down to his two sons Modi’in Magni / amongst the gods who survived Ragnarok Thor is a God that many people viewed as an example of what a great warrior should be strong brave and always willing to protect his people now it’s no secret that wisdom is not something that was passed down to Thor by his father and his lack of wisdom coupled of his short temper doesn’t leave Thor into some precarious situations despite this force of the greatest defender of Asgard with the other gods and goddesses reliant on him to keep them safe from the constant threat of the odhner although he may not be the funny and charming hero that we see portrayed by Chris Hemsworth Thor is and will always remain one of the greatest heroes to feature in all myth and legend with Thor being such a heavily mentioned deity.

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