Sedna – Mother Of The Sea From Inuit Mythology

So quite a few of you guys and girls have been asking me to cover some more theme or obscure mythologies and that did come across an Inuit tale that I found both entertaining but also quite horrendous at the same time the story describes how a girl named Sedna became the goddess of the sea all of its creatures and the underworld the story of Sedna’s off the news by the inuit as a creation story described now certain animals came to exist and how suddenly came to rule the ocean and the underworld now I came across at least five different variations of Sedna story each one is joyous and confusing as the last the first version describes Edna as the giant daughter of an Guto the god of creation and the highly respected datee amongst the Inuit now for whatever reason he decides not to feed his daughter so she lashes out and attacks him because she’s hungry a sentiment that I’m sure many of us can relate to he then does what every good dad would do when he’s daughter tells him that she’s hungry he throws her into the ocean but don’t worry he does get a chance to redeem himself and Sedna tries to climb back into the boat you think this is the part where he pulls said in the back in the lesson is learnt and they go and get some food right what if you did you’d be wrong because this is a pot where he si said to hang on to the boat for dear life and then decides to cut off her fingers even her to sink into the sea and become the rule of the underworld and the monsters of the deep said in this big fat sausage fingers will then form the first seals whales and Morrises all three be and animals that were hunted by the Inuit.

Now if you thought that stories a little bit weird and quite messed up then there’s plenty more to come so don’t worry in the second version of the story Sedna is upset by the quality of men provided by her father so she then decides you know what screw men I’m gonna marry my dog we’re gonna get a king-sized kennel and wouldn’t live happily ever after and nothing’s gonna go wrong needless to say her father wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of his new son-in-law being a dog so he handled the situation nearly where he knew I once again thrown Sedna into the sea and cut off her fingers when she attempted to climb back into the kayak you may be sensing a pattern here who said this father not exactly being the greatest person but there is a version was said there is an orphan although this version isn’t too cheery either the people of the village never Li like Sedna so in an attempt to get rid of her they drowned her and chopped off her fingertips but this time my fingertips transformed into seals and walruses that save Sedna and took her into the sea I guess in this version Sedna has somewhat of a happy ending because she goes on to marry a fish and lives happily ever after there is one story was suddenly as a beautiful young woman who rejects all the marriage proposals from the hunters in her village probably because everything we’ve seen so far suggests that she’s to dogs and fish her father is an approached by mysterious hunter who offers him some fish in exchange for his daughter her father force accepts his proposal because why waste all that time fishing when you can just trade your child for some fish I’m sure most of you have heard the same give a man a fish and you feed him for a day teach a man to fish and he’ll probably just ignore everything you’ve just taught him and trade his daughter force of fish anyway I think that’s how it goes so Sedna’s father gives her a sleeping potion and then traits her to the hunter who takes her back to his nest on a cliff the hunt of them reveals himself as a giant bird spirit and Sedna wakes up surrounded by a bunch of birds wondering what life would be if she had a caring father he does try to redeem himself by rescuing Sedna but when he sees the bird spirit creating an enormous storm.

Sedna - Mother Of The Sea From Inuit Mythology

Sedna – Mother Of The Sea From Inuit Mythology

In its anger he abandons all plans have been a hero and once again for a Sedna overboard at least this time he doesn’t chop off her fingers although her hands do freeze and her fingers fall off anyway it doesn’t really seem I said there’s ever gonna catch a break in these stories but this one does end of her growing a fishtail making us somewhat of an Inuit little mermaid just without any fingers or the Disney movie most of these stories have quite similar themes you have Sedna who doesn’t really do anything wrong you have a douche of a father who most stories throws her into the seeing cuts off her fingers these things then go on to form marine life and Sedna makes the sea her new home she would often be seen as quite a vengeful goddess and considering the circumstances that led to her becoming the goddess of the sea you can definitely see why she may be a tad angry it was a common belief that hunters would have to pray to said though because it said that she held all of the animals of the sea in her hair she would already release these animals to be hunted when she was happy needless to say that controlling the supply of food men that Sedna was a well-respected goddess that no one wanted to anger most people throw offerings into the sea and sing songs for Sedna there are even tales of shaman’s transforming themselves into fish traveling into the depths of the ocean and then combing and braid in Sedna’s hair essentially playing the role of a parent soothe an their child the story of said knows quite a tragic one when you think about it but she does end up living among the creatures of the sea which she appears to prefer the company of so I guess it’s not all bad there are a few interpretations of said than that paint her in a more positive way she’s seen as a reminder that despite your circumstances the outcome can always be positive sometimes you may have to delve into the dark and cold places that you fear the most in order to find the riches that await I feel like this is an ocean that not only refers to tackling your fears but it’s also quite symbolic of the ocean if you have previously heard tales of Sedna then let me know which version you came across in the comments below.

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