Quetzalcoatl – The Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican Religions

Mesoamerican mythology is among the types of myth that we’ve yet to begin exploring but the patrons have decided that today’s article will be on the rainbow feathered serpent Quetzal caught before I do in through this article I’ve seen on those discussing this and when researching Mesoamerican myths and gets a court in particular it raised the point that I do feel fairly passionate about because it’s something I wish more people consider to an approaching mythology quite often people try to compare modern storytelling to myths and stories of thousands of years old I get countless comments when people telling me they’ve heard several versions of a myth and they want to know which one is correct I need to tell them which one is canon even to this day I still get Percy Jackson fans telling me that Perseus is the son of Poseidon and I know this isn’t even the case in Percy Jackson but it definitely is among the problem people that read the works of Rick Riordan and watch these movies based on mythologies and assume they must be Canon rather than doing their own research and attempting to learn something they just assume that everything else is wrong it’s important for us to consider the way stories were told thousands of years ago differ greatly to how stories are told today to give you an example if you have to pick up a copy of Harry Potter on the Philosopher’s Stone it doesn’t matter when you read it you could have read it on the date was published or you could read it 10 years later.

The contents of that story will remain largely the same and that’s because it was written by one author and the same copies were printed on a mass scale I can’t then just pick up a copy and start telling people version where harry turns into a six-headed dragon steals Voldemort snows and starts pooping out house sells well I can but there’s a good chance that you know I’m incorrect and most likely crazy mythology stem some stories that were told thousands of years ago these stories are not told by one author and then what printed and posted online to the masses as these stories traveled through towns and cities people would often embellish certain elements they will twist certain narratives and they would create a version that related to them and the people around them storytelling now has become very static it doesn’t really change ancient storytelling, however, was the exact opposite changing constantly throughout time so if you read two or three similar versions of a particular myth then the chances are that they’re all correct in their own way now of course you do still in supply some kind of common sense when reading mythology if I write article tomorrow telling you that Zeus was actually the god of flamingoes and pink Ferrari so I’d like to think most of you would know that I was wrong though I’m sure I’d still get comments along the lines of oh yes god of flamingos and pink Ferraris one you see I already knew all of this because I read and as an avid Percy Jackson fan my knowledge is extensive and I know everything unlike the rest of you plebeians.

Quetzalcoatl - The Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican Religions

Quetzalcoatl – The Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican Religions

I know that Perseus was the true son of precise what is this article I don’t even know what this article is anymore on a serious note for those posted Jackson fans who’ve got the knickers in a twist it’s just a joke it’s perfectly fine to enjoy Percy Jackson anyway I think that’s nothing inside check for one article so let’s try and get this article back on track the most important thing when reading any kind of mythology is to keep an open mind understanding these stories did change over time so I’m sure some of you may be wondering how does this relate to Quetzal Cowan I came here for Kate so Khoa give me Quetzalcoatl kid Zuko it is a perfect example of what I’ve been discussing storytelling that changes depending on the region period of time and the needs of the people I’ve never really come across a date II that’s been depicted in so many different ways ranging from the call of the wind to the god of literally everything with Mesoamerican mythology spanning across so many regions I’ve seen numerous ways of pronouncing the name including Quetzal cot Quetzalcoatl and kuku clan before game with the mine interpretation the name itself derived from – now at tones Quetzal being the name of the bird that it’s tell feather resembled and koa meaning snake or serpent for those of you wondering now what was a language spoken by the Aztecs and Telemachus will call it translated to mean feathered serpent the worship of kid Sequoia took place in several occasions over a large period of time broken up into much smaller segments the earliest of these periods was beliefs have been in 400 BC – 600 AD in the city of Teotihuacan where there was an enormous pyramid built in honor of the feathered serpent this serpent would later be identified as the Aztec god Quetzalcoatlus worship in the region of Teotihuacan would then continue from 600 to 900 AD from 900 AD to 15 1980 the worship has spread to the region of Cholula and it was during this period that the date he began to be widely referred to as kids who caught by his Aztec followers and Koch Oakland to those in the Mayan areas it is worth noting that the very first representations of feathered serpents that we have what carvings of beaks snakes been flanked by Quetzal birds and these came from the Olmec civilization that existed from 1200 BC to 400 BC.

This meant that they died at a similar time to when Kensico it began being worshipped and Teotihuacan during the early period Quetzalcoatl was seen as a deity associated of wind rain and vegetation even at times been seen as a crater of the world and man and in later periods during his worship interlude around 1200 ad he was seen as the patron god of priests and merchants Quetzalcoatl went from a good associated of nature fertility and creation to one that was associated with almost everything depending on the region you found yourself in he was seen in dress ly different ways from the god of the wind to the crater of all and even a seventeen monster castle Kota was also seen as a very important God in regards to agriculture as he was believed to have been the founder of corn a crop that the Mesoamerican people would be extremely thankful for when Quetzalcoatl other gods created a new race of people they came to the realization that there was no food for these people to eat not wanting mankind to perish the gods scattered across the lands in search for food Quetzal court came across a red ant that was carrying a grain of maize he instantly knew that corn would be the food of the Aztec people the ant determined she tell kits are correct that the grain came from inside the mountain of sustenance when he eventually reached the mountain he saw that he Curley passed through a small hole watching the road and to enter kids who collect transformed himself into a small black ant and made his way into the mountain once inside kids were couette saw that those stacks of grain as high as a ceiling of the Kevin he took several of these grains back to his fellow gods and explained that this would be how they would feed their people this story does someone explain why maize and the whole harvesting process became so sacred to the Aztec people gets record will then go on to be associated of science and all forms of learning from the creation of books to calendars to even being identified with the planet and Venus the appearance of Quetzal court has led many to believe that he may have been a very early piece of Mesoamerican duality he’s wings in the ability to fly and that he would have been seen in a divine manner but he serpent body was very symbolic of the earth and this does create a dating that people can easily relate to and that is exactly what they did kiss record was seen as a creator but also a hero and protects a lot by many he was often depicted as a serpent of plume feathers the color of the rainbow but he did however also have a human form he would appear as a bearded man wearing Jade jewelry with two tubes that he’ll blow into creating the wind there was even a species of dinosaur named after Quetzalcoatl the Quetzalcoatlus who were the largest flying animals of all time it seems like over the years kid Sequoia it was a great source of pride and inspiration for the people of Mesoamerica and modern day central Mexico with so many variations and interpretations of Quetzalcoatl I certainly encourage you to share any that you may have come across with me in the comments below.

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