How Odin Lost His Eye – Story From Norse Mythology

Odin one of the most predominant figures in Norse mythology. In nearly all depictions of the God he’s shown to only have one eye but what is the story behind Odin missing eye.

Odin’s quest for knowledge had taken him to the egg Drusilla otherwise known as the world tree located deep down underneath the roots of the tree was me as well once Odin had arrived he asked me if he could drink from the water of the well at first me merely declined telling Odin that those who seek the knowledge of the water must pay a great price meow tells Odin that many have come in search for this knowledge but once they learn of the price they must pay no one pays Odin dared to ask me Muir and found the price of such knowledge was indeed his eye after a short period of contemplation Odin accepted Mamiya’s terms Mamiya took his great horn and filled it with water from the well Odin began to drink and the future became clear to him he saw all the hardships that both men and gods would have to face.


Once he was finished drinking Odin reached for his face and plucked from it he’s right I owed and then handed the item Amir who in turn dropped it into the well the eye remained in the water shining as a sign to all who came the price that Odin the father of gods paid for his wisdom Odin has shown his willingness to harm himself in order to gain knowledge on several occasions as well as losing his right eye he has starved himself stabbed himself of his own spirit and even hung himself for several days while he was on his quest to discover the runes for me this shows how much Odin values knowledge there is no sacrifice too great for wisdom if you’ve enjoyed this video then please consider leaving it a like as it helps a lot if there’s anything you’d like to discuss or topics you’d like me to go over then please let me know in the comments below.

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