Hastur – The Unspeakable One From Cthulhu Mythology

The Feaster from afar the unspeakable one him who is not to be named the yellow king after stumbling queerly upon the hellish and forbidden book of Horrors the to learn among other hideous things which no sane mortal should know that this talisman is indeed the nameless yellow sign and it down from the accursed cult of Hester today we are once again exploring a Cthulhu Mythos and another one of its obscure deities has there is an entity that goes by many names and contrary to popular belief he was not actually created by Lovecraft he first appeared in heishi the Shepherd a short story by Ambrose Bierce in 1893 in the story house there was a God of shepherds and he appeared to be quite harmless a depiction that differs greatly from the work that followed Lothrop’s himself early mentioned Hester’s name once in his short story the Whisperer in the darkness the name is sandwiched in between various other deities and places which created some confusion and plenty of debate as to whether Lovecraft intended Hester to be a deity himself or rather another the location in his mythos has the would however later be recognized as a great old one the child of yolks are Thoth and the half-brother of the great dreamer Cthulhu.

The allure King resides in Carcosa an ancient city created by Ambrose Bierce we don’t know much about Carcosa other than it was once ancient and mysterious but after its destruction it resembles nothing more than the ruins of a once great place the best description we have of Hester’s home comes from Robert W Chambers and Lynn Carter in the stories and inhabitant of Carcosa and a litany – Hester Carcosa is described as having black stars hanging in a bright sky large black domes and monolithic towers scattered everywhere its main source of light comes from twin suns that eventually sink into the lake of Hali bring in darkness has – like many of the creatures and deities at appearing at Cthulhu Mythos does not have one clearly defined form the most common unrecognizable of these forms is a large entity dressed in yellow with tentacles reminiscent of his half-brother Cthulhu but not octopus and squid like among his many forms hasta also has avatars that he can transfer his consciousness into these avatars are used to communicate and influence humankind the most common of these avatars is of course the king in yellow a hunched figure dressed in a tattered yellow gown concealed in his face of a mosque that is devoid of any emotion what lies beneath this mask is something that we can only speculate about what horrors it conceals we can hope that we never encounter the Feaster from afar by Joseph Payne describes one of these incarnations as a black shriveled monstrosity with tentacles tipped of razor-sharp talons that can pierce a victim’s skull and siphon out.

Hastur - The Unspeakable One From Cthulhu Mythology

Hastur – The Unspeakable One From Cthulhu Mythology

The brain definitely not the friendly patron of shepherds that Ambrose once introduced in US on occasion the king in yellow has been known to appear in our dimension where he attempts to turn all of those he comes across to his cause much like his brothers efforts to grow the cult of Cthulhu the main tool used by Hastert to grow his cult is the yellow sign anyone who gazes upon it falls instantly under the influence of the yellow King those who lucky enough to escape the yellow sign are then visited by hosta himself ensuring that they remain under his control we may not be able to comprehend Hester and his motives but we know that he has a deep hatred for his brother Cthulhu with Hastur masonic cult following many of theorize that he is indeed building an army to finally destroy Cthulhu when he rises from earlier for anyone who’s watched the first season of True detective you may recall that a nickname given to the murderer being pursued was the yellow King there were also several references made to the work of Robert W Chambers in the form of a journal that mentions black fallen stars and a location known as Carcosa Hastur is definitely one of the most interesting characters to appear in a Cthulhu Mythos that wasn’t created by Lovecraft and the hatred between hysteric a thorough definitely creates an interesting dynamic so what do you think has earned his cult have planned if you did happen to watch true detective and you didn’t get any of the references does know about them they’ll make the show seem any more scary or eerie let me know in the comments below.

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