Evolution Of Rfid Tags Technology

twice-yearly manual or bar code based inventory counts are susceptible to human error and inaccuracy these inventory counting methods also require considerable time and manpower the result is an outdated approach that could be disastrous for your business enter little technologies RFID asset tracker systems a fast efficient solution for your asset tracking need RFID stands for radio frequency identification an advanced technology that utilizes small tags which can be read simultaneously from long distances with no line-of-sight required and thanks to our range of flexible tag option tagging your equipments tools and other assets is easy the asset tracker system features both mobile and fixed RFID readers that read the RFID tags and transfer the data to our class-leading asset tracker software the result is real-time accelerated asset management in fact our system counts inventory up to 20 times faster than other processor compatible with numerous products and environment little master tracking system eliminates unnecessary procurement and inventory errors prevents asset locks and satisfies compliance requirements faster smarter easier littlez RFID asset tracking system it’s the next generation of asset management.

rfid tag working

Working Of Rfid Tags

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