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Very Cute WCW Quotes

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Thousands Of Candles Can Be Lit From A Single Candle And The Life Of The Candle Will Not Be Shortened Happiness Never Decreases From Being Shared.

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So You Know We’ve Been Baes For A While

Loll Yess I Know.

And We’ve Been Going Strong

Yess Anyways Wanna Get To The Point? (:

Shut The Fuck Up I’m Trying To Be Cute.

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I Want This Too. I Want All Of It. I Want The Pointless Bickering, The Long Walks, The Late Night Phone Calls, The Goodmorning Texts. I Want Cute Pictures With You, To Hold Your Hand, To Make Food For You, To Call You Baby. The Joking, The Wrestling, The Fights, The Long How I Feel Text Long How I Feel Text Messages After We Makeup. I Want To Be One Of Those Inseparable Best friend Couples That People Are Like “Your Still Together?” Thats What I Want. With You.

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Cute Wcw Quotes
You Make Me Complete. You Make Me Smile When I Have No Reason To. When Everything In My Life Is Going Wrong, I Call You And You Make Everything Better. I Love You So Much, I Didn’t Know What Love Meant Until I Met You.

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Between Our Laughs Long Talks Stupid Fights And Jokes I Fell In Love.

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I Feel Like Everything In My Life Has Led Me To You. My Choices, My Heartbreaks, My Regrets. Everything And When We’re Together, My Past Seems Worth It. Because If I Had Done One Thing Differently, I Might Never Met You.

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I Have Completely Fallen For You. Everything You Do, Everything You Say, Everything You Are. You’re My First Thought In The Morning, You’re My Last Thought Before I Fall Asleep, And You’re Almost Every Thought In Between.

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