30+ Best Urban Meyer Quotes That Inspire You

Hello readers today we have some best Urban Meyer Quotes images. Urban Meyer is the coach of Ohio State and now he take decision to retire. So we collect some inspiration and spiritual quotes by Urban Meyer to motivate all other players in future.

Urban Meyer Quotes on Leadership

Urban Meyer Quotes On Leadership 1

Urban Meyer Quotes On Leadership 2

“E + R = O. Events + Response = Outcome.”

“Get up. Football and sports teach you you’re going to get hit. Get up. Team sports, rarely have to get up by yourself. There’s always a hand to help you get back up… Tell me a better place that teaches that than football.”

“It’s a 9 Strong. I want to maximize every unit on our team… What’s our goal every year? That’s to be 9 Strong… It’s small unit cohesion. Every unit performs at their maximum capacity.”

“You’re going to get knocked down but a competitor gets back up and figures out a way to win it next time.”

“A fierce competitor refuses to lose. When they keep score we’re going to try to win.”

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Urban Meyer Quotes On Leadership 3

“It’s hard not to fall back into that win at all cost mentality.”

“Team is stronger than me. If you get the right group of people, tell me what you can’t accomplish. If you get the right group of people in the right setting, you can move mountains.”

“We’re not a big goal team.”

“Just because you lose you shouldn’t be tagged as a loser. If you accept losing, then you’re a loser.”

“It’s our job to make sure there’s hope and opportunity for everyone who comes through this university.”

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“It’s not about you. That’s why I love team sports.”

“If you’re performing at maximum capacity, you’re probably not going to lose.”

“The euphoria of winning isn’t saying, ‘I won.’ The euphoria of winning is to hug your teammate and say, ‘We have found a way to accomplish something.’”

“I don’t buy that losing builds character. I don’t. Losing teaches gets you that you get that feeling we all have you don’t want to lose”

“Any group of people, and you take away their hope and you take away their opportunity, it’s combustable. It’ll blow up.”

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Urban Meyer Quotes on Faith

Urban Meyer Quotes On Faith 1

Urban Meyer Quotes On Faith 2

“Greatness is maximizing the gifts that were given to you… Greatness is maximum capacity.”

“God has a plan for us.”

“I’ll feel empty without it.”

“I’ve tried to be good about that but not like I am now. Non-negotiable.”

Urban Meyer Quotes On Faith 3

“Family is everything and that is at all costs. You protect your family at all costs.”

“As long as you live the disciplined life you can still have a lot of fun in your life.”

“I’ll miss once in awhile but I make it up throughout the day… I don’t miss.”

“We’ll go through the book of Galatians and I have to get that 30-to-40 minutes of that in my time. I have to or I’m sick about it.”

Urban Meyer Quotes On Faith 4

“There is a God and we’re created by a great God.”

“There’s times you got to get your mind right.”

“6:00… Have to do it.” – When asked if there is a time for this.”

“Non-negotiable is I start my day with a Bible study that Tim Kite puts on that I have to do that.”

Urban Meyer Quotes On Faith 5

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