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Best Lost Feelings Quotes

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 19

Her Feelings She Hides, Her Dreams She Can’t Find. She’s Losing Her Mind. She’s Fallen Behind. She Can’t Find Her Place. She’s Losing Her Faith. Shes Fallen From Grace. She’s All Over The Place.

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Feeling Like The One You Love Is Starting To Love You Less Is Probably The Worst Feeling In The World.

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People Always Think That The Most Painful Thing Is Losing Yourself In The Process Of Valuing Someone Too Much And Forgetting That You Are Special Too.

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I’m Gutted And Feeling I Bit Lost, But I’m Determined To Get Through It.

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Lift Up Your Head Princess If Not.. The Crown Falls.

Best Lost Feelings Quotes

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The Moment When You Feel So Completely Lost And Confused That You Just Don’t Know What To Do, What To Think What To Feel Or What To Believe Anymore.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 21

You May Feel Lost And Alone But God Knows Exactly Where You Are And He Has A Good Plan For Your Life.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 15

You Hurt Me More Than What I Deserve Because I Loved You More Than What You Deserve.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 13

Feeling Unsure And Lost Is Part Of Your Path. Don’t Avoid It See What Those Feelings Are Showing You And Use It.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 12

I Don’t Really Know Where I Stand In People’s Lives. One Minute They Treat Me Like I’m Someone Special, Than The Next Minute Like Nothing At All,

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 05

You May Have Lost Your Way Temporarily But Do Not Lose Sight Of What Matters Most On Your Journey Back To Happiness

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 09

I’m A Simple Person, Who Hides A Thousand Feelings Behind The Happiest Smile

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 11

You’ll Be Fine. Feelings Unsure And Lost Is Part Of Your Path. Don’t Avoid It. See What Those Feelings Are Showing You And Use It. Take A Deep Breath. You’ll Be Okay. Even If You Don’t Feel Okay All The Time.

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Everybody Has That One Person That They’ll Never Lose Feelings For.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 08

One Of The Best Feelings Is Finally Losing Feelings & Your Attachment To Somebody That Isn’t Good For You.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 03

Seeing Someone Slowly Lose Interest In You Is Probably One Of The Worst Feeling Ever.

Feelings Lost Quotes

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Sometimes You Need To Step Outside Get More Air And Remind Yourself Of Who You Are And Where You Want To Be.

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The Worst Feeling, Is The Moment You Realize That You’ve Lost Yourself.

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And I Promise You This No Matter Who Enters Your Life, I Will Love You More Than Any Of Them.

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 02

If You Feel Lost, It Is Because The Heart & Mind Are Not Working In Harmony When They Work Together You Will Find Peace,

Lost Feelings Quotes Picture 01

Being Alone With Your Feelings Is The Worst Because You Have Nowhere To Run. They’re Here, Dancing In Your Mind And All You Can Do Is Handle.

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