10+ Life-changing Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

Hey guys I just wanted to take a minute here today it’s a sad day for the animation community and it’s a sad day for those of us who knew Stephen Hillenburg. Stephen obviously as you all know was the creator of probably gosh I would say arguably the probably the most popular at least the most popular television cartoon in history Sponge Bob Squarepants. there’s not a place on planet earth you can go without people knowing who Sponge Bob is and as a cartoon creator myself a lot of us really strived to hit the level of success that Steve did with Sponge Bob. Today we have some rare quotes of Stephen Hillenburg that we want to share with you.

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Famous Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

I Don't Have Time Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

“I don’t have time for this I’ve got to go pick a fight with a muscular stranger.”

It Finally Dawned On Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

“It finally dawned on me that if I was going to do my own show, all those things I lectured about and obsessed about would make for an interesting world.”

It Matters Not Whether Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

“It matters not whether one is dirty or clean for can cleanliness exist without filthiness? And would filthiness exist without cleanliness?”

Stephen Hillenburg Quotes I Wanted To Do

“I wanted to do a show about a character that was an innocent, and so I focused on a sea sponge because it’s a funny animal, a strange one, I thought he was a funny, nerdy, squeaky-clean square.”

Stephen Hillenburg Quotes Stupidity Ain't A Virus

“Stupidity ain’t a virus, but it’s sure is spreadin’ like one. – Sandy Cheeks”

Stephen Hillenburg Quotes The Machinations Of My

“The machinations of my mind are an enigma.”

Stephen Hillenburg Quotes They're Making Us Think

“They’re making us think our thoughts are what we’re thinking…I think.-Patrick Star”

Stephen Hillenburg Quotes Whoever Sent This Obviously

“Whoever sent this obviously has no idea about the physical limitations of life underwater! Well, might as well throw these in the fire.”

What Could Be Better Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

“What could be better than serving up smiles?”

Why Compare Yourself With Stephen Hillenburg Quotes

“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.”

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